The Down & Dirty Guide To San Diego

Have you considered vacationing in California?  Of course, California is a coastal state so there is plenty to do just like in Florida, Hawaii, and Colorado.  However, you have to take a road trip all along the coast from Northern California to Southern California (or vice versa!)

In due time, this article will flesh out everything water sports there is to check out in San Diego, but for now, let’s get a taste of why San Diego is a water baby’s dream come true.


Day 1: La Jolla, Your First Spot

la jolla sd

Your first stop, in San Diego, should be the La Jolla Cove.  One of the most beautiful spots in San Diego, you will find beautiful scenery in all forms.  Once you find a parking spot, you can either cruise the streets and navigate the eateries and the shops.  Once your belly is full, talk a walk along La Jolla using the footpath. You will see surfers, dolphins, seals, and whales sharing the same waters (sharks too? Yikes!)

Make sure to have your phone camera ready to go as anything can happen in a moment’s notice!

If that isn’t enough, you can drop by La Jolla Kayaks for kayak rentals San Diego and jump into the La Jolla shores.  You will find sea lions and seals swimming alongside your kayaks and if you are lucky, leopard sharks may make an appearance too (don’t worry, harmless!)

Man, after hours of this, it is time to grab some fancy or not-so-fancy grub.  There are some world class restaurants here.  Of course, afterwards, you can burn a bit more of the calories by visiting the Goodwill store there for some budgeted shopping as well as an array of other stores.

Day 2: Torrey Pines Reserve

Rise and shine, gals! So, La Jolla and Torrey Pines are within a close enough drive to each other.  In fact, sometimes paddleboarders board from Torrey Pines State Beach to La Jolla (please be forewarned that this is only recommended for more experienced surfers, kayakers, and boarders!)

Here, you can spend hours hiking different trails.  The view from any trail is nothing short of stunning.  Don’t be surprised if you believe you’re standing the middle of a painting.

Once you are done hiking, you can walk to Black’s Beach, a nude beach, and get your tan on in an adult way.

Day 3: Hillcrest

If you want to have fun, get ready for some dinner and bar hopping action. Why not mix some Drag Queen action into it?  If you want a good Sunday brunch with excellent drag queen entertainment, head on over to Lips for a Sunday brunch.

For nightlife, be ready to barhop between the following bars (all either across the street or less than a mile away): Rich’s Nigh Club, Gossip Grill, Flicks, Baja Betty’s, Hillcrest Brewery, Urban Moe’s should keep you busy for a while!

Day 4: Downtown

Coming Soon!

Day 5: The Best Of San Diego

balboa san diego

Did you think you were done?  The San Diego Zoo, The Animal Safari, and the Balboa Park alone could take a half to a full day EACH!

Don’t Take Your Safety Lightly!

This video is a hard realization that any kayak, whether beginner or experienced, can fall victim to a fatal accident while kayaking.  Never skip on safety equipment and buddying up!

Best Fishing Kayaks 2017 – Super Comprehensive Angler Guide!

Kayaking activity has seen immense growth, gaining popularity among the younger generation who love adventure, the outdoors, and fishing. I have had the chance to use several kayaks and will review a few of them in this guide.  Forget that: we gathered a nice, comprehensive guide of the best fishing kayaks 2017 has to offer you!  Read in detail or jump around.  If you find this guide helpful, please feel free to share.  Happy kayaking!

1. Sun Dolphin Journey Fishing 10′

The Journey 10 is great for lakes and rivers, to get to those excluded fishing spots while tracking and paddling with ease, offering maximum stability. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to catch big fish. The Journey 10 sit-on-top fishing kayak is affordable and offers many amenities to enhance your fishing experience.  This one made our list as one of the best contenders in the best fishing kayaks 2017 category!

sun dolphin

The strength of this bad boy resides in its rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex High Density Polyethylene body. It also features a wide cockpit which will allow easy entry and exit. This is something you’ll appreciate if you’re planning on using the vessel often. Also, there’s the dry storage compartment which is safely locked and secured with a shock cord.

Other notable features include one swivel and two flush mount rod holders, a removable PAC (portable accessory carrier) that can be used as extra storage, an adjustable padded seat, adjustable foot braces, ditty trays and a paddle holder.

2. Lifetime Tamarack Sit-On-Top-Kayak

The Lifetime Tamarack Kayak is an excellent choice for fishing and recreational purposes. Using this kayak makes it even more fun when you’re roaming on the lake or river. It offers great stability, security, and performance on the water. The price is also very competitive and the value you get is excellent.
tamarack kayak

With a 52 pound design, the Tamarack is highly portable, and is just the right size for almost any user. With a higher weight capacity, you can easily pack all of your gear onto it without it being bogged down. Constructed with UV-resistant HDPE, this kayak features deep hull tracking channels and a stable flat bottom for easy use no matter where your skill level is.

Its weight capacity is 275 lbs and a backrest is also included. You get plenty of cargo space, front and rear shock cords, two six-inch storage hatches, as well as plenty of space to move around freely while reeling in those big fish.

3. Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak

ocean kayak

The Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 is a great general use fishing kayak. A well thought out design provides you with plenty of storage space and a comfortable seating position. This kayak combines great performance with efficient features such as oversized storage, aftdeck bungee rigging, transducer compatible scupper, and a comfy seat back. The Prowler 13 was designed for kayak anglers to produce nice results in the water.

The kayak is 13.4 feet in length and tracks straight, which helps with speed when hunting down fish. Unlike other kayaks, the Prowler is suited for all kinds of water conditions, from the calm flat waters of a lake to the currents and surf of the ocean. When it comes to speed, dependability, and stability, the Prowler is the choice for any skill level angler. No surprise this made our best fishing kayaks 2017 list for this year 🙂

4. Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2 Person Fishing Kayak

This inflatable 2 person kayak is ideal for boating on lakes and rivers. It is designed for use as a fishing kayak, but if you prefer to just spend a day relaxing, you and your partner will have enough room to do that as well.

This inflatable kayak glides through the water effortlessly, into shallow regions if need be. It weighs about 40 pounds and folds down, making transport from vehicle to water brisk and simple. It comes with its own skeg to ensure stability on the water regardless of what you are doing.

sevylor colorado

With 18 gauge PVC, a tarpaulin bottom and a very tough nylon cover, the Sevylor is the durable kayak you need to get you to your out-of-the-way fishing spot and then bring your catch home. Just in case anything should happen, its multiple air chambers should safely get you back to shore. A classic choice for our best fishing kayaks 2017 guide.

5. Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Single/Tandem Kayak

The Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak 10 Foot is advertised as the ‘ultimate fishing kayak’, which is a bold statement, but it appears that it has earned that status. It comes with everything you need to get started. Because of it’s low weight and carry handles, transport is easy. You can also add on a trolling motor when paddling becomes too laborious.

lifetime fishing kayak

Kayak fishing is a recreational venture and should be done with a relaxed mind. This kayak houses decent compartments for dry storage, so you don’t have to worry about your items getting wet. The ability to comfortably house up to 3 people, with padded backrests and footrest positions, makes this perfect for solo, tandem or family jaunts. There is a tunnel hull that allows you to cast while you stand up or sit side-saddle, all the while ensuring that you do not tip over and get drenched.

For fishing, the back seat rides pretty high on the water, making it much more comfortable and easy to cast and retrieve while seated. The Sport Fisher Kayak from Lifetime is perhaps one of the best fishing kayaks 2017 on the market.

6. Useful UH-TK181 12.5′ Sit-On-Top Tandem Fishing Kayak

The UH-Tk181 is a tandem style sit-on-top kayak, made by the company Useful. It’s a comfortable, stable boat for 2 people and could probably manage a toddler as well. The total weight it can handle is 450lbs. It prides itself as being super stable and nearly impossible to tip over. Being a longer boat made for 2 people, it is a bit heavier, at 68 pounds, but that just contributes to its stability.

useful uh-tk181

This tandem kayak offers comfortable seating for either solo or family fun. It’s packed with plenty of features like 2 aluminum paddles, 2 seats with storage pouches, cargo storage with a bungee tie-down system, 4 carrying handles, 2 paddle rests, 4 flush mounts and 3 adjustable rod holders.

The UH-TK181 kayak also comes with a carefully balanced hull that provides maximum stability, even when the water is not very calm. It is very easy to get carried away while you are fishing, but with this kayak, you can rest assured that the stability is high and your fishing activities won’t be interrupted.

7. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10 Angler Fishing Kayak

The Old Town Canoe Vapor 10 is a great entry-level, affordable kayak that is a joy to use. It sits nice and high on the water while retaining its balance and its short length also makes it very maneuverable.

Anglers looking for a compact kayak that can carry a load will love the Vapor 10 Angler. This kayak gives a stable, yet efficient ride and the large cockpit opening is designed for comfort. Equipped with flush mounted rod holders and an anchor trolley system, the Vapor 10 Angler goes beyond the basics.

vapor 10

This lightweight 10 foot kayak only weighs 47 pounds, and carrying handles are molded right onto the front and rear of the linear polyethylene body for easy transport to and from the water’s edge. The roomy cockpit measures 19.5 inches wide by 48 inches long and ensures that the solo paddler has plenty of space to stretch out to enjoy the ride. There is a choice of two sporty colors for this kayak, sunrise red or cloud blue. Either choice would let your kayak stand out on any water way.

8. Lifetime Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak

The Sport Fisher kayak, in its understated shade of olive green, is the most versatile fishing kayak out there. The ergonomic seating is designed so that the kayakers sit higher than the kayak floor, safe from stray water. Several footrest positions are included to enhance the seating experience. The other thing you will notice about the Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak is the balance it provides. You will easily able to stand up without any tipping or balance problems.

sports fisher

This kayak comes with all the necessary features to maximize your fishing experience. There are fishing pole holders, two padded backrests and a 6 inch storage hatch for extra convenience. If you want to mount a rudder or an electronic motor on your kayak, you can do that too. The optional accessory mount can be used to mount fishing gear too.

The Lifetime Sports Fisher has a conservative draft of six inches, can carry up to 500 pounds and has a length of ten feet and width of 36 inches. It weighs 60 pounds and has a one year warranty. It also has a balanced and sturdy design with enough room to take one or two fishing buddies to the water while still being light enough for single use.

9. Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 Kayak

The Hobie Pro Angler 14 offers the ultimate in stability, comfort and storage capacity with a longer length for better tracking. It has an overall capacity of 350 pounds and will be suitable for most anglers who carry an average amount of equipment. The designers have been really clever in developing a longer length kayak that comes in at 13 feet and 8 inches but does not lose anything in the way of stability. The balance between stability and maneuverability is great. This kayak offers the options to adjust seating and side rails, plus there is enough room to customize it in certain places.

Hobie 14'

There is plenty of standing room in front of the seat with no annoying protrusions to get in the way. The rectangular hatch with the Tackle Management System combined with the H-Rail mounting system, the replaceable mounting boards, and the horizontal rod holder, serve to keep your cockpit well organized.  Keep reading next to find out why this made our best fishing kayaks 2017 list…

With the introduction of the Hobie Pro Angler 14, the company demonstrates that kayak anglers don’t have to sacrifice features. Other standard features are built-in rod holders, plenty of open cargo space, and a front hatch with an easy-access liner. The PA 14 uses Hobie’s MirageDrive for hands-free movement and features a fully adjustable and comfortable Vantage seat.

10. Ocean Kayak Caper Angler Sit On Top Fishing Kayak

The stable and easy to maneuver Caper Angler is the ideal classic fishing kayak for anglers looking for an affordable platform with great performance on the water. Explore your favourite fishing hole in this kayak’s comfortable high seat back.

At just 11 feet (3.3m) long and weighing 45 pounds (20.4kg), the Caper is short and light by fishing kayak standards. It comes complete with flush mount rod holders and heavy duty fittings and is available in two colors. The maximum weight capacity is 275-325lbs (124.7-147kg) depending on sea conditions.

ocean kayak caper

Storage is taken care of by a large bow hatch which gives you easy access to anything that you might have stored inside the hull. Also there is the stern tank-well which is covered with bungee retention straps, adding some extra storage. You won’t need extra storage if you’re out fishing with the Caper Angler.

Best Fishing Kayaks Conclusion!

Above, we have discussed best 10 fishing kayaks and anglers of 2017 you can get your hands on, today, right now.  If you are looking for recreational kayaks, we found a good resource for overall best kayaks of 2017.

Kayaking Fishing Safety Video

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or an expert, this video is worth watching as it shares important topics that could essentially save your life.  Kayaking is too much fun but let’s not forget how something this fun can turn just as deadly–and fast.

Watch A Shark Flip A Kayak (& Kayaker!) Over In Open Water!

While it is not our intent to put the fear of God in any beginner kayakers, please realize that what this video captured was what happened in open waters, in the ocean, while fishing. When you go in the open waters, you take a huge risk. Most kayakers go out in pairs and should follow safe guidelines.

Check this video out as a shark “flips over a kayak”:

What do you think?

Especially when he flips the kayak back over? Brave or dumb?

Affordable Kayaks That Don’t Break The Bank!

In the previous article, we discussed different types of kayaks for your kayaking pleasure to give you the basics of, well obviously, the different types of kayaks that exist in the marketplace.

Today, we would like to present you with three kayaks that you can buy, today, with your budget in mind. However, if you want to save a few hundred dollars, you need to have an open mind. To spend less than $300 for a trustworthy kayak that performs (heck, even less than a $100!), you need to open your mind to the option of inflatable kayaks.

Inflatable kayaks are exactly what they sound like: inflatable. However, most people fear that these may not be built as sturdy as their hard-shelled counterparts. What most people fail to realize is: this logic fails! It’s like comparing apples to oranges. Inflatable kayaks come tested and can perform well in certain conditions. One can only understand it after sifting through a few inflatable kayak reviews.

sun dolphin bali 6

The following are three entry level, budget inflatable kayaks that will keep you in the water for endless fun (though one hard-shelled one has been included for a decent option!)

List Of Three Affordable Kayaks…

1. Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak

While not the cheapest option, it’s a middle of the road option for anyone with a budget. Yes, it is a single person inflatable kayak but Advanced Elements has been in the game for a long, long time and is known to present quality kayaks. This is a perfect recreational kayak that can hold up to 250 pounds. It also comes with a skeg for good tracking and navigation. The firefly comes in a fun yellow & grey colors.

2. Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

The cheapest option of the three here, this makes for an excellent tandem kayak for a great price. In case aesthetics matter, the Intex Challenger tandem kayak has a sexy, fun, sporty look and is made of rugged vinyl for puncture resistance. Add to that plenty of room and a sweet cockpit, you can’t lose with this entry level, tandem kayak. Of course, you can use it alone if you don’t have another person to bring along.

3. Sun Dolphin Bali 6-Foot Sit-on-top Kayak

Extremely affordable and a great, affordable kayak option. This is a hard shell kayak that should please any beginner or frugal shopper for years. It comes in the color red, is six feet in length, and allows for an easy design so you can sit in it easily. It supports about 140 pounds and only fits one person.

What’s The Best Option?

This all depends on skill level you are (novice, intermediate, or advanced), what kind of kayak you are comfortable with (inflatable or hard shell), the purpose of your kayaking (recreational, whitewater, tricks), and your budget. Stay on the look out for more informative articles that can help steer you in the right direction. We will also be reviewing some specific, well-known models.

Different Types Of Kayaks For Your Kayaking Pleasure

Chances are that you might be on the market for a new or used kayak. This article will explain what a kayak is and the various types of kayaks available on the market.

What Is A Kayak?

A kayak is a narrow boat that is usually propelled using a double bladed paddle which is front to back on a single side then the other in rotation. Kayaks have become extremely most popular due to the high flexibility besides their nearness to the water surface. The most common brand available for kayaks includes hard kayaks, inflatable kayaks, fishing kayaks, tandem kayaks, and touring kayaks.

Different Types Of Kayaks

Tandem Kayaks

tandem kayak
Tandem Kayak

Tandem kayaks (or “2 person kayaks” in layman’s terms!) are designed with two cockpits to allow two individuals to use it at the same time. Have you ever missed enjoying a day out with your partner? This type of kayak offers an ultimate solution for two people who would enjoy kayaking together. Even if you don’t have a lover, you can use it with family and friends, or better yet, just use it as a roomy kayak.

Fishing Kayaks

fishing kayak
Fishing Kayak

These kayaks are characterized by broad beams of up to 42 inches which are equivalent to 110 cm. These wide beams are made up specifically for anglers usually to increase their lateral stability in water for improved visibility and better casting. They have rod and cooler holders and some have an in-built tackle box. Some are fitted with outriggers which also assist in promoting stability. They can also have twin hulls which enable them to to be used for stand up paddling; this makes it easier for fishing. They are inexpensive and require little maintenance cost.

Recreational Kayaks

recreational kayak
Recreational Kayak

These kayaks are low priced and easy to use. They have excellent initial stability, hence, they are capable of holding photographers, anglers, novices on ponds, lakes or placid rivers. They are not suitable to use in open water, besides in water bodies that consist of heavy wind and strong tides and currents. Some usually have a small storage area and are meant for short day trips. Most of them are approximately 10 feet long and have a large compartment for easy access. Also, they have a broad beam for providing stability.

Sit-on-Top Kayaks

sit-on-top kayak
Sit-On-Top Kayak

Sit-on-top kayaks feature a sealed hull and shaped depressions on top which are meant for sitting. These kayaks are fun for beginners, swimmers, and kids. With these, it is quite easier to get on and off of them whether you are in a dock or when in water. These boats are usually wider than traditional kayaks because the seats are above the water level. They are stable and are often used for swimming and fishing. Sit-on-top kayaks are approximately 10-15 feet long and are manufactured using plastics. They are capable of holding one or more passengers and are best for use during warm climates.

Inflatable Kayaks

inflatable kayak
Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable kayaks are approximately 10-15 feet in length. They are comprised of cockpits that you blow up by foot or by use of an electric or a hand pump. The air inflated in them makes them float, and the moment they are deflated, they can fit in an easy to carry duffel. These kayaks are easy to use and are made of polyesters that are coated using polyvinyl chloride polymer (making them safe to use!)

Touring Kayaks

touring kayaks
Touring Kayaks

Touring kayaks are approximately 12-17 feet in length with their body designed to maximize lift in rough water bodies. They comprise of a tracking system such as a rudder or a skeg or both. They are more efficient and offer a better performance compared to recreational kayaks, and this makes them generally pricey. They are multi-day boats due to the large storage capacity and consists of partitions that have well-sealed hatches hat promote safety. Touring kayaks are usually made of lightweight plastics and a long lasting blend. Their bodies contain a compartment that traps air even when the cockpit is filled with water, giving the Kayak Flotation. These are best suited when traveling for long distances in open water or for performance in rough water.

Modular Kayaks

modular kayak
Modular Kayak

They are made of polyurethane polymer which enables it to be durable. They break apart into two or three sections to enhance easier handling and transportation by one person. However, it can accommodate a maximum of three passengers. Modular kayaks are used in recreational activities and day touring.

Whitewater Kayaks

Whitewater Kayak
Whitewater Kayak

If you are going whitewater kayaking, you need a kayak suited for such a trip. Whitewater kayaks are about 4-10 feet long. They are comprised of a rounded bottom and are usually folded at the ends to enhance rapid navigation. They unite a fast, unstable lower body compartment with a flared out upper body chamber to combine flat water racing with added stability in open water. They normally require a substantive skill for you to attain balance on account of exceedingly narrow hulls.



It is a modern kayak that consists of trumped bow and a round stern. They aid in providing stability and high speed and make it more mobile. Playboats are used for rodeo boating where the kayakers manipulate the complex rapid water currents to execute tricks which are scored for their expertise.

Sprint Kayaks

sprint kayak
Sprint Kayak

Sprint kayaks are modern kayaks used for sporting in calm water. The competitors race over 200m to 5000m with the winning boat being the initial to cut through the finish line. The paddle makes use of a double bladed paddle while seated facing forward and drawing the blade through the water on flip-flop sides to move the kayak forward. This is employed in every summer Olympics.