The Down & Dirty Guide To San Diego

Have you considered vacationing in California?  Of course, California is a coastal state so there is plenty to do just like in Florida, Hawaii, and Colorado.  However, you have to take a road trip all along the coast from Northern California to Southern California (or vice versa!)

In due time, this article will flesh out everything water sports there is to check out in San Diego, but for now, let’s get a taste of why San Diego is a water baby’s dream come true.


Day 1: La Jolla, Your First Spot

la jolla sd

Your first stop, in San Diego, should be the La Jolla Cove.  One of the most beautiful spots in San Diego, you will find beautiful scenery in all forms.  Once you find a parking spot, you can either cruise the streets and navigate the eateries and the shops.  Once your belly is full, talk a walk along La Jolla using the footpath. You will see surfers, dolphins, seals, and whales sharing the same waters (sharks too? Yikes!)

Make sure to have your phone camera ready to go as anything can happen in a moment’s notice!

If that isn’t enough, you can drop by La Jolla Kayaks for kayak rentals San Diego and jump into the La Jolla shores.  You will find sea lions and seals swimming alongside your kayaks and if you are lucky, leopard sharks may make an appearance too (don’t worry, harmless!)

Man, after hours of this, it is time to grab some fancy or not-so-fancy grub.  There are some world class restaurants here.  Of course, afterwards, you can burn a bit more of the calories by visiting the Goodwill store there for some budgeted shopping as well as an array of other stores.

Day 2: Torrey Pines Reserve

Rise and shine, gals! So, La Jolla and Torrey Pines are within a close enough drive to each other.  In fact, sometimes paddleboarders board from Torrey Pines State Beach to La Jolla (please be forewarned that this is only recommended for more experienced surfers, kayakers, and boarders!)

Here, you can spend hours hiking different trails.  The view from any trail is nothing short of stunning.  Don’t be surprised if you believe you’re standing the middle of a painting.

Once you are done hiking, you can walk to Black’s Beach, a nude beach, and get your tan on in an adult way.

Day 3: Hillcrest

If you want to have fun, get ready for some dinner and bar hopping action. Why not mix some Drag Queen action into it?  If you want a good Sunday brunch with excellent drag queen entertainment, head on over to Lips for a Sunday brunch.

For nightlife, be ready to barhop between the following bars (all either across the street or less than a mile away): Rich’s Nigh Club, Gossip Grill, Flicks, Baja Betty’s, Hillcrest Brewery, Urban Moe’s should keep you busy for a while!

Day 4: Downtown

Coming Soon!

Day 5: The Best Of San Diego

balboa san diego

Did you think you were done?  The San Diego Zoo, The Animal Safari, and the Balboa Park alone could take a half to a full day EACH!

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